Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100

Analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

Our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 measures dynamic surface tension with high accuracy. It reliably analyses the mobility of surfactants, thus enabling high-speed processes such as spraying, coating, printing and cleaning to be optimized.

Analysis of surfactants for high-speed processes

Our BP100 measures the behavior of a surfactant over a wide speed range as part of a single, fully automatic measuring process. This enables you to find out how quickly a surfactant acts and when the required surface tension has been reached. In this way, the BP100 assists in the development, selection and dosing of surfactants for optimum speed.

Optional disposable capillaries simplify the investigation of contaminating or solidifying liquids such as inks or varnishes, and save cleaning. Thermal process conditions at temperatures between ‑10 and 130 °C can be simulated to enable the results to be transferred to large-scale situations in the best possible manner.

When used in research, the BP100 helps to characterize the mobility of surfactants by means of such substance parameters as the adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient. This provides a scientific picture of the substances used, which can be used to help specifically model products containing surfactants.

Measurement of the surfactant content of cleaning and galvanic baths

Our BP100 is also suitable for checking the surfactant content of cleaning or galvanic baths. The dynamic surface tension responds particularly sensitively to changes in the surfactant content in the concentration range of such baths, thus enabling these changes to be reliably determined.

There is a particular advantage when used in combination with our BP50 mobile instrument. An accurate calibration curve is first produced with the BP100. With the help of the calibration data, the current surfactant content can be flexibly checked on site in a matter of seconds using our BP50.

Transparency in measurement and data management

With integral and flexibly adaptable measuring templates, our LabDesk tensiometer software reduces your preparation time to a minimum. LabDesk supports simple results management with automatic overview diagrams, comprehensive measuring reports and transparent data organization, right down to the free combination of data measured with different types of tensiometer. The comprehensive and expandable substance database makes LabDesk a data pool of the substances which are important to you.

Tasks and applications

  • Surfactant development

  • Optimization of spray processes

  • Development of washing and cleaning processes

  • Optimization of painting and printing processes

  • Checking the surfactant content in galvanic baths and cleaning baths

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of surface tension as a function of surface age

  • Long-term measurement of surface tension at constant surface age

  • Determination of adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient

  • Calculation of the surface tension of the solvent and the equilibrium surface tension (extrapolation in accordance with Hua & Rosen)

  • Temperature control from -10 to 130 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor